Case studies

An idea of what I can help you with…


Strategic roadmap:

Problem: No real idea on what direction the company’s development looked like. Too many chiefs.

Solution: By discussing internally and researching the market, I put together a roadmap of the skills and value drivers required in order to develop the company.

Outcome: Once everyone understood where value was being created, it was easier to decide on the direction of travel.

Financial management:

Problem: A large organisation with a new accounting system that didn’t produce understandable numbers for senior managers in a timely manner

Solution: Using basic tools of Excel and Word, I created a monthly management accounts pack that became the standard for the company that was easy to follow and simple to create rather than taking weeks to aggregate.

Outcome: A common language for those in the company to discuss and take action on

Fund raising:

Problem: A relatively young company that required significant capital to develop but had a chequered history

Solution: Introduced the company to alternative providers of finance with a clear goal of how subscribers were going to exit

Outcome: Raised in excess of £2m within 12 months

Acquisition to grow:

Problem: A company too reliant on one or two customers and needing to bring in alternative revenue streams

Solution: Identified and approached a number of companies about being acquired who would also benefit from greater security through scale

Outcome: A series of small acquisitions accomplished that all had a payback of under 12 months